New Tech In 2018, Residual Bed Bug Treatments

As 2017 has gone, 2018 is here and we have been told about a few dozen or so products out there. But after checking out a tradeshow this year, we were educated about the massive panics that bed bugs, fleas, and other feeding pests have been causing.

Yes these pest do bite, but what what found to be interesting is these type of pests could be passing what was previously known as the bubonic plague in the 1400’s. This is no joke and reports have already come into fruition in the west coast with doctors claiming not only animals having the virus, but now humans are contracting it as well.

So while it’s not all cheery and welcoming, its an important fact which needs to be raised. This is why we have been looking at the pest products in 2018. There appears to be a pandemic in infestations, but now with the consequences of disease being passed from bedbugs. This is something everyone should have in their pantry just in case. You know… like bleach or an all purpose cleaner.

A new tech of residual treatment

After discussing with pest experts and the product creators. It was clear that most bed bug suffers try dozens of products only to find they come back again.

The reason I was told, is that bed bugs come from external sources. Things like when you have a guest come over or when you travel in a taxi. These bring them back, so while a person may spray them and kill them. Then if they go off and play in a bed bug playground, the bugs attach themselves to the clothing and hitch a ride.

A very interesting way to combat the re-infestation is a formulation which, yes kills them… but more important has a residual which prevents these bed bugs from coming back.

Its a dry residual and you would spot treat on any surface such as a couch or bed or floor and even around the home. This would create a somewhat barrier around the bed bug victim and the home.

After discovering how long does it take for bed bugs to die without a host from the trade show, I was amazed these little pests can last up to 14 months without feeding on anyone.

So the pests can become dormant and simply hideout in your home. This was why the residual formulation because so crucial, from what I was told at the expo.



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