Tech Trends at Consumer Electronics Show 2013

ces-2013The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 is scheduled to open in Las Vegas next week. Specifically, it will run from January 08 up to 11. And with all technology companies joining the show, sure thing, the tech trends they will present are something to watch out for.

But what are there to expect in 2013 CES? Well, as one of the biggest and longest-running technology trade shows, generally, expect that the event will be a feast of new and exciting gadgets. With more than 3,000 exhibits, it was said that around 20, 000 new tech products will be shown in it.

Nonetheless, based on the announcement made by the Consumer Electronics Association, the organization that handles CES, pointed out the things to particularly expect in CES next week. And among others, it said to watch out for the rise of smaller or starting tech companies given that big players as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple passed up this year. Also, it said that smarter TVs and home automation and appliance connectivity will emerge in the show.

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“Apple won’t be there. Nor will Google. And for the first time in many years, Microsoft won’t have its own booth. But the International Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 8 – Jan. 11), one of the largest and longest running tech trade shows around, is still expecting one of its biggest years ever.

Despite a couple tepid years following the recession, CES is back to setting records. The Las Vegas show remains the ultimate platform for thousands of companies to show off their latest wares with aplomb with the arrival of the new year.”

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Technology is now such a vital part of our lives. And needless to say events as this Consumer Electronics Show gives as a peek into the future. Moreover, it helps us determine which among the many gadgets and devices out there are worth our every hard-earned money.

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